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 NEW Products >> HEALTH >> CYBERNOVA U-shape Automatic inflatable travel pillow 408
   CYBERNOVA U-shape Automatic inflatable travel pillow 408
Order Hotline: salescybernova@gmail.com
Product Description
Technical parameter
  • Business Trip U-shape Automatic inflatable pillow portable travel office set pillow with Storage Bag
  • washable by hand or washing machine , automatic inflatable in about 5 seconds just need pressing serveral times , patent product.
  • care for life and health , buckles design for holding the pillow, invisible zipper ,
  • exhaust valve can adjust the pillow's comfortableness, also exhaust air and packaging in few seconds
  • size: 307.5(W)X31(L)X12(H)CM;Supports head, neck and waist for relieving stress during work,flight,ride,trip, help you have a nap or sleep in lunch break or on the plane, train or car
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